Professional Supervised Visitation Monitoring
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 families we serve and reunification
The AFFU Team of Professionals
 Dr. Timmons and the team of Professionals at AFFU are Professional Supervised Visitation Providers which have completed and received training and a certificate of completion in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Laws,  as required in Section 11166 of the Penal Code.   

The providers at AFFU have also received a Certificate of Attendance/Compliance as a "Professional Supervised Child Visitation Provider and satisfies the Supervised Visitation Network Standards of Practices andCalifonria Supervised Visitation Standards Section 5.20 training as a professional Supervised Visitation Monitor (SVM).

Dr. Timmons and the entire team of professional Supervised Visitation Monitors are commited to providing professional and quality service "at its best", to families in transition and dealing with conflict by providing unbiased supervised visitation services for both the custodial and the non-custodial parent.