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Child and Family Counselor
Dr. Linda Timmons has obtained her PhD as a Child and Family Counselor and has been working in this field for over 25 years.  Her goal is to partner with you, your child and/or family members to work as a team to imporove your quality of life.  She also has specialized training and is Ordained as a Chaplain and has ministered and worked in various settings with children and adults dealing with depression, relationship issues and navigation of the process of grief, loss of life and bereavement.

In addition, Dr. Timmons has a combination of over 25 years of experience working with both adult and children.  Her extensive experience and training in working with children extends in various areas of child development, such as foster care, a child care provider and an educator.

Dr. Timmons has traveled all over the United States and Abroad to counsel and work with famililes in various disaster situations such as Floods in Africa and China, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  She is certified through the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Community Emergency Responder, CPR trained, background screened and bonded.


     Families of all sizes and backgrounds are bound to encounter the occasional argument and household difficulty, though some incidents can be more destructive and challenging than others.  From concerns about substance abuse or other dangerous behaviours to issues in communicating and beyond, families sometimes struggle to maintain harmony and emotional health within their relationships. Finding a family counselor can help uncover, analyze and address specific concerns.  Whether involving young children or siblings, or incorporating extended family members, family counseling often offers families a way to discuss their thoughts and feelings in an unbiased and safe environment, encouraging the formulation of a stronger family bond and deeper mutual understanding.

     Professional counseling is available for adults, families, children and individuals for the purpose of sgtrengthening and improving relationships, family units and is provided at a reasonable cost.  Prior to a counseling session, each individual, couple or family will be provided with a comprehensive "sit-down - meet and greet" assessment, in order to formulate a treatment plan specifically tailored to their unique needs.

     No family is without the occassional frustration or challenge of togetherness and unity, but when such issues become debilitating or interfere with the well-being of the family and extended family members, the help of a family counselor may improve the overall health and happiness of the household.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Timmons directly: 562-254-0881